6 Simple, Low-Cost Organizing Essentials

There were many days I used to wake up and think, “What the hell am I going to do today?” I had no idea how important prioritizing was and planning ahead of time. Those days are long gone, thankfully. Now, I can’t go to bed without planning the following day and jotting down the tasks to accomplish that day. It had made life so much … Continue reading 6 Simple, Low-Cost Organizing Essentials

Bookshelf Tour (With Updated Pictures)

Since my last bookshelf  post, Creating a Lovely Reading Space,  my mini library (and the room pretty much) has been reorganized a few times. So, it’s time for an updated Bookshelf post. Yay! I can never get enough of books or decorations. I love to decorate  my living space, my room, little corners around the house. Adding pretty decorative items not only brightens the place but it also … Continue reading Bookshelf Tour (With Updated Pictures)

New DIY Planner + Stay Organized Tips Series

I love planners. The adorable planner pages, inspirational quotes, lovely inserts, prettiest covers… Oh, the cuteness! How can you say no to a planner? Most importantly, how can you refuse to stay organized?! However, when I open the websites and browse through the most popular planner bands out there, my first thought is, “Why on earth these planners are ridiculously expensive!!!” Am I the only … Continue reading New DIY Planner + Stay Organized Tips Series