Always and Forever

  Three days before the wedding: I couldn’t stay asleep last night. While every one else is busy finishing up the decorations around the house, I am lost in my own little world. Two days before the wedding: The wedding gown still fits perfectly. Aunt Shelley says I look like a princess. I kept seeing your face in my dreams. One day before the wedding: “Relax,” I … Continue reading Always and Forever

The Queen of Desire.

  “He’s going to want me so badly that his own mind wouldn’t even listen to his innocent heart…!” She smiled fiercely and there was something vicious about her. “..and poor her, she doesn’t even look half as beautiful as me, he probably married her out of pity!” Her chuckles echoed everywhere. She was the devil; the ruler of the dark. The queen of lust … Continue reading The Queen of Desire.