Keep Calm, You’re Next!

I was still shook by the turn up of horrific events that’s been happening to some of my closest friends recently. Attending your best friends’ funerals four times in a row will disturb all the peace you had and haunt you for the rest of your life. Unable to function like a normal person, I stayed indoors, silent and depressed. The house, as I, was a … Continue reading Keep Calm, You’re Next!

Always and Forever

  Three days before the wedding: I couldn’t stay asleep last night. While every one else is busy finishing up the decorations around the house, I am lost in my own little world. Two days before the wedding: The wedding gown still fits perfectly. Aunt Shelley says I look like a princess. I kept seeing your face in my dreams. One day before the wedding: “Relax,” I … Continue reading Always and Forever

It’s Time to Move On (Flash Fiction)

  He followed her every step of the way. How can he not? This is the woman he fell in love with deeply. Every day, she sat down on the same bench at the park and he watched over her closely. Her hair was starting to turn grey. He was glad to see that she still wore the same ring he had given her. 20 years, he … Continue reading It’s Time to Move On (Flash Fiction)