Stop Turning the World into a Battlefield

When I woke up today, the first thing I saw was the Manchester Explosion. I can’t even imagine the pain and horror the victims’ families are going through. This is just horrific. These cowardly killings and terrifying attacks on innocent people just raise the question, when are we safe? Where are we safe? We have so little humanity and more cruelty in today’s world.

I don’t talk about terrorism, I don’t ever write about war. I don’t ever write about killing. The only time I remember writing about war was many years ago. I was preparing for my Advanced Level Examinations and there was so much attacks happening around the country and people were being killed, students were being bombed and no place was safe to live. I wrote a poem about the soldiers at that time.

As a writer, I hope I don’t ever have to write about war. It’s a very sensible topic for a person who has been living in a traumatic war-beaten country for years. I know the pain, the hurt, the fear and the hopelessness of terrorism. We have had more than 25 years of those terrifying experiences here in this country when we were going through the civil war. As much as I honor the service and every person who ever sacrificed their lives to end the terror and bring peace to our country, I don’t wish to remember any of the details of that tragic past. This country was beaten by the terrorism and the war over and over again. And, I’m glad the war ended because the parks that were closed before re-opened to the children. The schools that got exploded by the terrorists were renovated and re-opened. The North part of the country was safe again to travel to.

I know the fear. I know the pain. Manchester, my heart goes out to you and the families affected in this terrible explosion. And, this is not only about Manchester. This is not only about Sri Lanka. This is not only about Paris. This is not only about 9/11. This is about humanity. This is about innocent people who deserve to live another day. This about the innocent people who get killed because some irrational, narrow-minded criminal with access to weapons of mass destruction wants to fulfil some cowardly principles.  This madness has got to stop. Using violence to achieve narrow-minded religious and political aims by attacking innocent civilians does not make any terrorist or a killer a warrior. The power-hungry leaders must stop giving more power to these inhuman criminals. People must stand up and demand authorities to stop creating more criminals and terrorists. Stop encouraging hate against communities, against humanity and stop fueling the hatred. Stop turning this world into a battlefield.

May there be peace on earth.


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