Controlled Exposure to Media and Information

“You are the books you read, the movies you watch, the music you listen to, the people you spend time with, the conversations you engage in. Choose wisely what you feed your mind.”

With the availability and abundance of information around us, we are daily exposed to ideas, thoughts, theories, entertainment, gossip and new topics. Unlimited amount of information circulate around us each day. But, do we need to fill our brains with all these information?

Are all these information valid?

Are all these information is worthy of storing in our minds?

Take a minute and answer yourself.

Often times, we overload our brains with each and every piece of information. From the minute we wake up to the time we finally switch off our electronics and go to bed, our brains are injected with endless data throughout the day. Social media has also gained control over our lifestyles and for most people, this is their biggest source of information. We see, we hit like and sometimes we let our brains pick up all pieces of data that aren’t necessarily useful or valuable to us. Been there. Done that. Which is why a couple of years ago I started to see the negative impact and learned to control what information I allow myself the access to. It has helped me stay focused and sane.

As a teacher, I highly believe it is important and essential to keep learning and engaging our brains more efficiently in order to grow no matter what stage we are in life. The content we read, see or hear either help this learning process or destroy it slowly that we may not even notice it.

Feeding and feasting on all the food on the table never make a healthy person.  Feeding our brains with information that are available to us will not make us smarter. In fact, it will lead to stress, create overwhelming feelings and trigger unnecessary, negative emotions.  I, too, use Social Media for my work, as a creative outlet and sometimes as a tool to keep in touch with the people that I don’t see every day.  However, over the years, I have minimized the exposure to useless data by only following great content that motivates me or provide me with inspirational material.  I set boundaries for myself about what my brain should be open to. Training your brain to filter any information and only grasp what’s good for yourself is a skill I am still trying to master.

Limiting the consumption of information doesn’t mean you’ve to completely avoid entertaining your brain with enjoyable content. It doesn’t mean you have to stop watching YouTube videos or watching movies. It means you must be intelligent enough to choose the right kind of ideas, videos, places to seek information that would ultimately feed your brain with positive, motivational and inspirational ideas. You must limit yourself to information that improves your thinking, inspire you to be a better person or enhance your learning process. It means that sometimes it’s a good idea to unfollow people who always fill your Social Media feeds with negativity or ignorance. You can’t control what they choose to share but you can certainly control what you see when you start a brand new day.

Be smart in picking the right and rich content to feed your mind and infuse it with great ideas and positive thinking. It’ll change your life. Let your mind explore. Let it learn. Let it improve. However, don’t let it get lost in the piles of information in the digital era.


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