Keep Calm, You’re Next!

I was still shook by the turn up of horrific events that’s been happening to some of my closest friends recently. Attending your best friends’ funerals four times in a row will disturb all the peace you had and haunt you for the rest of your life. Unable to function like a normal person, I stayed indoors, silent and depressed. The house, as I, was a mess and I had forgot to check my mail in two days. After a nice hot bath, using the little energy I had left, I checked my mail box. To my surprise, there was only one letter.

As I sat down sipping a cup of coffee, I stared at the envelop on the table. It was strange and something was off. All my family and friends live within 5 minutes drive and I could not think of anyone to send me a letter. There was no return address, but the handwriting seemed very familiar. My heart suddenly started beating too fast and I anxiously ripped open the envelop.

A handwritten note fell on to the table.







I stood in terror. Ashlynn, Ashlynn… Ashlyn–nn…. I heard my name echoing through the walls and I felt too dizzy to stand up.

© D.R

In response to the daily prompt: Calm





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