It’s Time to Move On (Flash Fiction)


He followed her every step of the way. How can he not? This is the woman he fell in love with deeply.

Every day, she sat down on the same bench at the park and he watched over her closely. Her hair was starting to turn grey. He was glad to see that she still wore the same ring he had given her. 20 years, he recalled his memory. Today is her 50th birthday and he could not hold himself back. This is it. He walked up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Hello, Sarah! Happy 50th birthday!”  As she turned around, her jaw dropped. Astonished, she stared at him in dismay. Her mouth felt dry and her knees weak. She could not believe what he saw. She knew she was going to faint.

When she finally gained her consciousness, she looked around, puzzled. He had vanished.

She never visited his grave again.




In response to the daily prompt, Vanish








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