Yesterday and today has been pretty chaotic. I sprained my back (the spine) while cleaning and arranging my room furniture so I had to stop doing everything and it was so painful. I was terrified that I damaged my spine badly so it was stressing me out. If you didn’t know me, yes, I am an over-thinker. Anyway, I couldn’t move or dress myself up. Luckily, I put on some balm before I went to bed and slept through the pain. I woke up today feeling much better although the pain is still there.

This week has been eventful–more than I would’ve liked it to be–and I am glad it’s almost the weekend. I can’t wait to take a break and not think about work, health or anything else for awhile. I want a Sunday without any more chaos, please. Thank you very much!

Hope everyone else having a great week! And to all my friends and family in USA, Happy Thanksgiving!



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