6 Simple, Low-Cost Organizing Essentials


There were many days I used to wake up and think, “What the hell am I going to do today?” I had no idea how important prioritizing was and planning ahead of time. Those days are long gone, thankfully. Now, I can’t go to bed without planning the following day and jotting down the tasks to accomplish that day. It had made life so much easier. And it only took few simple steps. In the past, most of my valuable time was lost in the process of being unorganized. I can’t undo the mistake and get those days back even if I tried. But instead I can manage my time wisely and avoid making the same mistake again. So can you!

For the last four years, before starting a new school year or a term, I’ve been teaching my class about the importance of “Time Management”. I make sure to share my personal planner set up with the students to set the example as it’s better to inspire than just teach. As a teacher, I always share tips and effective methods for students to stay organized and it has helped many students achieve better grades and do well in all areas in life. It makes me nothing but happy and proud of my students.

Not only my students but I receive positive feedback from my friends about the way I keep organized. They tell me how it had motivated them to do the same. I hope these methods help you become more productive as well.

The Simple Essentials



Categorize the most important areas in your life that require daily planning. Use a few notebooks according to those needs or divide section in one notebook for all. I prefer to use a few notebooks so that it’s easier to carry the one I need at the time. I mainly use 4 notebooks for Financial, Personal, Teaching and Travel.



A pretty calendar has a visual appeal to the eyes and helps us stay focused at the same time. Print out a monthly calendar that you like and hang it above your workspace. You can easily mark dates with special events or important details or tasks. I have included a monthly spread-out calendar section on my DIY planner so I can plan my months ahead of time.


(DIY) Planner

As I have mentioned on my blog before, I use a DIY planner. It only cost me 6 dollars. I’m not even kidding!I am currently working on my 2017 DIY planner and I’m getting it printed at the end of this week. (You can read my previous article about DIY planner here.) The DIY planner pages for 2017 will be available on my blog this week so you can download them for free and make your own DIY planner too. You can always buy your own fancy planner as well!


A Digital App for Your Mobile and Desktop

Install a simple Planner on your mobile and on your computer so you can always synchronize your tasks across all platforms. Use the technology for your benefit and make it your virtual assistant. The easiest way is, to use the planner that comes pre-installed with your smartphone or computer. If not, there are many planner apps that are free.

Here’s a few.

Evernote – Stay Organized
To- Do Calendar Planner
Planner Pro-Personal Organizer
TimeTune – Optimize Your Time
To-Do list, Task List- Any.do
My Study Life (for students)
Schedule Planner Classic

(DIY) To- do list pad

All you need is a clipboard and a set of papers and bam! You have your own To-Do list. You can make it even prettier by using a to-do list pad printed on a colored paper! Get creative! Get productive! Real simple.


Click here to download FREE (editable) To-Do list printable(s). Select the one that you like and print them on any paper that you like and you can immediately start using them!

To Do List – Simply Black

To Do List – Simply Red

To Do List – Sunshine


Just like separate folders, I use different folder for bills, health, class notes and so on. I use same color for all the folders under the same category (E.g. bills) and I use a different color for other categories. Every folder is labeled for easy reference. You can easily organize all your important documents, receipts and bills. You can easily file the things you need to keep and get rid of the junk you don’t need.


These 6 essentials will help you gain control of your life and keep you stress free. They are easily affordable so you don’t have to spend thousands of bucks to get started. While these 6 items definitely help you stay organized, you don’t have to have all of them in order to get started. A simple notebook will help you keep track of your calendar, to do list etc. Find out what works for you and stick to that method.

“Organize your Shiz” is a fun series that will help you improve your productivity and organize your life. Throughout these posts, I will introduce you to simple and easy methods to organize your everyday lifestyle.





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