Friday Favorites!

Am I the only one who always look for new blogs to follow? Here are my favorite bloggers this week. They all have one thing in Women. Well, two things. They are all women and have a blog full of inspiring content. Let’s get to know them a little better!

Melyssa Griffin | Melyssa


Want to expand your business and take your blog to the next level but don’t know how? Well, this is your ultimate stop for 101 business blogging tips. Her blog is full of resources and rich content. From monetizing your blog to using webinars on your blog, Melyssa covers all about the blogging business. Check out her  post How to Create Time-Saving Systems for Your Business and Blog which is my personal favorite. Go get started!

It Starts With Coffee | Neely


From the theme to the pictures and the clean crisp layout to the fabulous content, I’m totally in love with this pretty blog. A Dallas based beauty and lifestyle blogger, Neely talks about life, fitness, beauty,  blogging tips  and her inspirations on her adorable blog. My personal favorite post is Favorite Books From Bold Women. Go get inspired.

Love, Telina | Telina


Full of information, Telina’s blog is all about natural and healthy living. She writes about living well and having healthy lifestyle so that she can inspire other women out there. Her posts are informative and you can find organic product reviews as well as tips on healthy lifestyle and blogging. My personal favorite is The Health Benefits of Green Tea. Never skipping my morning cup of green tea from today!

Sarah Lemkus | Sarah


“Eat well, live well, feel well with plant-based nutrition.”

Sarah is a mother to a lovely daughter, Beth, and she is mainly a food blogger from Auckland, New Zealand. Her blog focuses on dieting and nutrition. She shares all kinds of vegan recipes and healthy tips along with a tutorial video. Occasionally, she lets you see her gorgeous family pictures and they are so darn cute! My personal favorite post on her blog is this Unbaked Mud Cake. Come on! We all know I’m a cake lover.  What a mouth watering recipe, totally making it this weekend!!!

Lily Pebbles | Lily


Lily from UK is a fabulous writer and a beauty guru. She posts about beauty reviews, style and fashion tips, beauty videos and travel tips and guides for Londoners. Her lifestyle posts and travel photo diary is absolutely inspiring. My personal favorite post is Blogging Tips : Keeping Organized and Motivated.

Please go check these lovely ladies’ blogs and them some love.  Be inspired. Be productive. Be healthy and be a better you.

Have a great weekend!

Randi  | xoxo


Who are your favorite bloggers? What are you currently reading on the web?


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