Oh, you mean Fish Mooney! Or, Fish, as we simply call her.

For the people who don’t know Fish Mooney, she is a fictional character in the popular TV series, Gotham. I am not a big fan of a Gotham. I mean I used to be fan-girling at one point. I am still a little fond of the show but not as much as I used to. In fact, I loved the first season and watched it a few times. 2nd season…? Hmmm. Not so much. It wasn’t that entertaining or fascinating to me. The first season of Gotham was exciting. Although, I don’t watch or follow the show anymore, I do think that the characters are awesome and the cast’s performance is truly remarkable and notable.

Back to Fish.

Fish Mooney is full of character and a vicious personality. And when that vicious character is a woman, she is lethal. She is dangerous. That’s what Fish Mooney is. She stands out from all other characters in the story. She brings so much into the story and it’s fascinating to watch Jada Pinkett Smith brings this character to life.

If I would ever have a pet fish, you know what I’m going to name it. That’s right! Fish Mooney.


In response to the daily prompt today: Fish



5 thoughts on “Fish

    1. Haha. You called her a Piranha! 😀 And, yes. Sometimes I also feel like she’s over acting. I stopped watching the show too. The only shows I love to watch now (that is if I get a chance) are Suits, Cold Case and Criminal Minds. 🙂

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