Bookshelf Tour (With Updated Pictures)

Since my last bookshelf  post, Creating a Lovely Reading Space,  my mini library (and the room pretty much) has been reorganized a few times. So, it’s time for an updated Bookshelf post. Yay!

I can never get enough of books or decorations. I love to decorate  my living space, my room, little corners around the house. Adding pretty decorative items not only brightens the place but it also adds a homely touch and a bit of character to it. That’s why I love to display my books and the cute little things that hold a sentimental value and are special to me. My bookshelf is the most favourite thing in my room. It represents the very character of me and the things that I love.

Let’s get right into it then.


My bookshelf is divided in half and, mainly, I use the left shelf for English books and the right shelf for Sinhalese (mother tongue/native language of Sri Lanka) books. Each side has three shelves each. I also have a bunch of books that I put in my desk drawers since my bookshelves are getting smaller to hold these new books. 😦

The first shelf on the left side holds all the Classics, Sidney Sheldon’s books, Dan Brown’s Inferno, as well as two of the Jason Bourne books. This is absolutely my favourite shelf too! The cute little heart-shaped porcelain jewelry holder was given to me as a Christmas gift when I was in USA.


The second shelf on the left has John Green’s ‘Looking for Alaska’ and ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ on display. Underneath them are my deeply cherished Stephen King’s books. Next to those, are some of my photo Albums, SAT and college preparation books and my college catalog lying horizontally. On the top of them are my minions toy, and a photograph of me and my college friends in a bowling alley taken in 2008. There are more photo albums inside the red color box which is just so pretty.


Last shelf on the left side is more about magazines. I have organized my favorite local travel magazine, ‘Travel Sri Lanka’ issues, vertically on the last shelf. Underneath them are couple of my favorite issues of National Geographic and other magazines. The postcard on display is either given to me by a friend or something I bought which I honestly don’t remember. But it reminds me of the times that I spent in Chicago and Illinois. 🙂 The red mug was a gift from my Ordinary Level students class of 2013. I’ve put my small USA flag in the mug to kinda accompany the postcard. 😀 Then there’re some English books organized horizontally. Oh, the green decoration piece was something that I got from my sister.


Now, on to the other side of the bookshelf. The top of the right side shelf has all my Sherlock Holmes translations by Chandana Mendis. I absolutely cherish each of these books as I used to re-read them when I was a small kid. After I discovered these translations, I was inspired to read more and more and as I grew up, I started reading English books as well. On the same shelf, I keep other books by the same author as well as some translations by Lasith Raveen Umagiliya.


The next shelf is where all my Sinhala Novels are. I have a mug and a keepsake given to me by my students on there as well.


Last shelf has all my Sinhala Short Stories books. I’ve also put some of my history and general knowledge books on here as well. Next to the Short Stories written by Sarath Wijeysooriya, the sweet little mushroom sits making a great bookend. 🙂


There we go. That covers all my shelves. I will write a different post with a list of all the books. For now, you’ve seen my mini library which hopefully inspires you to at least to read one book in your free time or maybe create a small library for the books that you own. 🙂 Time for me to grab a book and sip some coffee. Happy Thursday!




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