New Favorites!

Practising Simplicity| This blog is for all you mothers out there. It pretty much covers all areas about the motherhood. Rich content and, yet keeping it simple, Jodi from Australia writes and talks about simple living as a mother. If you are a woman, you should definitely read her blog. It’s so inspirational.

It’s Always Autumn| Here’s another great DIY crafts blog! The mother of five, Autumn, shares DIY craft projects, recipes, sewing tips and whatnot. She also shares printables and some of them are free! The blog consists of lots of crafts ideas for the holidays as well. My most favourite part is her articles on Photography and tips.

The Littlest| This blog is simply amazing! The lovely lady from LA, Elizabeth, runs this blog and shares her simple little world with you. She is a freelance art director, writer, and photographer and, most importantly she is a mother. Lots of family pictures and family posts.

On Sutton Place|  She decorates, creates and bakes. Wonderful lady with wonderful DIY projects that anyone can do! Lots of pretty pictures as well. If you like her stuff, she has a online shop where you can buy lovely crafty products.

What are your current favourite blogs? Share with us!


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