New Favorites!

There’s nothing like coming across  cute blogs with great content unexpectedly. I am going to share a couple of blogs I came across yesterday evening. They are full of goodies and superb articles so I thought you might enjoy them too. 🙂

Damask Love| Craft lovers, brace yourself. The content will leave you wanting to create your own craft room like this! OMG! There’re hundreds of craft projects to obsess over and make in your own leisure time and they are super easy and affordable!If you are not into making crafts, she got something for you too. You may check perfectly helpful article of her which offers you some great insights about Taking Pictures for Your Blog and many more.

Gen Y Girl| Looking for better financing tips? Blogging tips? Career Tips? Don’t worry. She covers it all. My personal favourite is, Motivation Monday. Come onnn! We all need a bit of push on some days. This article does just that.

Check those two out and let’s show them some love. 🙂

What are you currently reading on the web? share with us below.

Randi xo




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