When you are young, that’s when you are mostly unstoppable. You have the energy, the strong-will and this undying desire to experience the world, break the rules and live life on your own terms. Ah, the youth; the rebellious days of one, the future of a country.

Being unstoppable in our young days can be a good thing. We must never stop learning or growing. Our mental, physical and spiritual growth in the young age is an essential part of defining who we are. Life is all about learning and growing. Nothing should stop you from wanting to grow and become a better person. We must not give up our goals and dreams because of rules or unreasonable boundaries that society has set over the years. Unfortunately, there are communities in the world where you are denied of the basic needs like education and employment. No respect or regards given to young people who are driven to make a difference in the world. No matter which part of the world you live, these unfair barriers must never stop you from making the best of your life. We should never let the society stop us from living or enjoying the life we choose to live and nothing should stop you from reaching your goals and making your dreams come true.


However, as young people we must also respect the healthy boundaries that stop us from taking the wrong turns in life. An alarming number of young people are victimized by drugs, Human Trafficking, illegal activities, terrorism day by day. We often let our feelings, emotions and irrational thinking make bad choices in life, specially in our youth years. We are badly influenced by the media and the corrupt systems of ways. It’s easy to break the rules and it’s may seem fun. But it might take awhile to get back on the right track or you might never be able to undo your terrible mistakes. The paths we take without considering the consequences often lead us to our ruination. Some boundaries may actually prevent us from falling into pits of despair. So, before you break the rules, think twice.

Young or old, there’s a clear road ahead of you, ahead all of us. Be unstoppable, but be cautious and mindful of the journey as well.


In response to the daily prompt: Unstoppable


4 thoughts on “Unstoppable

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! Oh, yeah, we should let our mistakes teach us a lesson and learn to be strong from them so that we keep moving forward. You can’t let anything stop you from reaching your potential.

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