Ideal Weekend

Getting lost in a quiet resort overlooking the beach, indulging myself in a delish meal, finding comfort and peace in the moment would absolutely make my weekend better. But is that my ideal weekend?

No. That, however, is my ideal vacation.

My ideal weekend would include outdoor activities and a little bit of quiet indoor time as well. I like things simple and balanced. Spending too much time outdoors would soon tire me out with all the social interaction with other people. I like to spend my time alone or with a few people I am really comfortable with.

I also wouldn’t trade the Sundays at home in my pajamas eating banana pancakes, sipping a cappuccino and watching the TV show, “Friends” for anything else. Those are the simplest things that make me happy.

I usually work on Saturdays so I use my Sundays to fully unwind and recharge myself for another week. On my ideal weekend, I would not have to work on Saturdays!

Most of my Sundays are unplanned. They just happen. I either watch a movie or go bowling with my little squad of friends. We go on road trips and take silly pictures. We embarrass each other constantly and have a good laugh about it. Those Sundays are a memory that’s worth keeping forever.

Yesterday was quite similar. We went to watch a movie, grabbed some food and then went to the park and played ‘UNO’. Nothing fancy. A normal Sunday of an average twenty year old. Later on, I and my family spent the rest of the evening lusting after the beach and the waves at the Pegasus Reef Hotel. The atmosphere was amazing and I am definitely going back again soon with the hope of writing up a blog post about the serene place.

Luxurious cruising or basking in the sun in Maldives doesn’t sound like my ideal weekend. It would, however, be an incredible vacation which I wouldn’t say no to on any given day. My ideal weekend includes the people I love, comfort food and unplanned sweet little adventures of our own. I can’t wait for more of those Sundays to come.

What’s your ideal weekend?


3 thoughts on “Ideal Weekend

    1. I love lazy Sundays. I don’t think to have a fun we must do extraordinary things. If you really enjoy whatever you do, even a simple activity will make your Sundays unforgettable. 🙂 Right? You too have a good one!

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