Back to Normal

Long time, no see. Huh?

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a long time. Not a word, no journaling, nothing. Excuse me for my sudden absence and, if you noticed my absence and would like to know the reason, please let me explain.

I have been caught up with my work and day-to-day life lately in a way that I am almost close to losing the balance. Yes, I do like staying busy and I enjoy having eventful days and weekends. But, once in a while, I would love to have some free time to spare for my writing so that I don’t feel so lost. Lately, I haven’t had a day to sit down and jot down my thoughts and I feel so imbalanced.

When I take long breaks from writing and come back, I feel like I’m missing a part of me. It’s like I forgot where I was going or that I need directions. I need to get back to my normal lifestyle where I can sit and enjoy writing away my thoughts, or a witty response to the daily prompt or maybe an occasional fancy post at the end of the day.

Even though I sound like I had a rough time these past few weeks, it is quite the contrary. I actually had a ton of fun–except writing wasn’t a part of it. I had a wonderful time making decorations for my brother’s 21st birthday party. By the way, can you guess the theme?! I spent long nights  planning the event and DIYing the party decor. From picking the theme to hosting the party for 50 guests, every little part of the event was full of excitement. The birthday bash was a blast and I can’t wait to talk about it on here!

So yes, that has kept me quite busy and occupied for the most part. Apart from that, the CAE results are out and I’m pretty nervous as to what my results would be. Hopefully, I have passed, but I have to wait till Sunday to collect my result sheet from the centre to know what my exact results are.. Ahh, the suspense! It’s killing me.

So again, I’m sorry I’ve not been active on here lately. You guys, please forgive me for not being here and missing out all the fun. You guys inspire me to write more; every one of you. I hope you keep the love coming. Please tell me what did I miss! Hope everyone else is doing okay.




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