Out of Order

Today was totally unplanned. Nothing was in order. But it turned out to be an incredible “post-worthy” Sunday.

I am all about lazy Sundays so I woke up around 10 and had nothing planned for the entire day. I was lazing around the house and watching TV here and there. Since I was a little bored, I went to my aunt’s place to hang out with my cousins and, my sister joined me in the afternoon. We both went to the park with a couple of friends and played UNO which was a lot of fun.

Then we grabbed some food and were about to go home. One of my friends said that he was going to watch a movie alone and we joined him. After all, it’s Sunday and I won’t get much free time to enjoy a movie this week. So we all went and had a great time at the movies. The movie was entertaining and the story was surprisingly engaging. Since it was a Tamil movie about time traveling, I thought it would be a drag but the story was rather unveiled nicely to my surprise.

We came back to my aunt’s place and my parents were having a little chat with my aunt and few other people about how movies and music were different in the last few decades than now. My father is probably a more movie freak than me and he always tells us interesting stories about the movie theatres which existed back in the day. The day was full of laughter and joy–exactly how Sundays should be.

You know when you’re having good company and how time seems to fly? That’s the only complain I have about today. Little details makes a day memorable and make you want to relive them again and again. Today was full of these sweet moments that I’d rather keep in my heart and not write much about. They are just indescribable and too personal. All in all, today just happened without any order but it was better than many orderly Sundays I’ve had. Hopefully, there’ll be more Sundays like these.

How is your Sunday going so far?


14 thoughts on “Out of Order

  1. “Today was full of these sweet moments that I’d rather keep in my heart and not write much about. They are just indescribable and too personal.”

    Totally get what you mean there. I have moments like that often. Those moments and impressions that leave a mark on your soul that words can’t explain.


    1. Exactly. And those moments are the best! If you have them often, then I would say you have a happy life and are a lucky man. I am glad you could relate to what I wrote. 🙂


  2. Does the bird in the tree plan its day? I think not. We need to be free once in a while to remove the stress we put on ourselves trying to keep to a schedule. That is what weekends and holidays should be all about. Let the stress drop away.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more!! Sometimes we become so focused on our routines that we are lose our balance in life. We forget to have fun and enjoy life as we live. We often feel like we are busy but we don’t really feel alive. To live is to be free and and be able to enjoy life as it unfolds. 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting!

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    1. Thank you! I really did enjoy my day and it was exactly what I needed as I had a rough week. I hope your weekend was even better than mine. Looking forward to this week. Let’s see what it holds in its store for us. 🙂

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