The Heart Wants What it Wants.

Life is ridiculous sometimes. We meet people, we miss people. We avoid people. Knowing fully well that they will eventually change, we end up giving our heart out to these people. Doesn’t make any sense huh?

We cross each others paths by accident. In the bus, on the road, at work.. We meet people who are diverse in their characters as well as appearance. And they all leave a good or bad impression. Sometimes, the attachment we form with these people end even before it really begin. Sometimes we have to force stop certain connections for the best.  The connection might be short, but the pain might be too difficult to bear in our little hearts and would eventually destroy us mentally and physically.

Even if I continuously refuse, I can’t seem to stop my poor heart from having a sweet attachment to certain people. Well, what to do? It’s not like I can tie my heart to a post and stop it from running after the same person. But, my heart doesn’t really welcome everyone into its space. It’s the rare ones, the strange yet somewhat charming souls that usually excite me. They are the most dangerous too. And, when my heart falls for these dangerous souls! Oh, boy! Maybe they seem familiar from another place, another time; maybe from another lifetime…

I keep explaining to my stubborn heart that the less attachments is the better as there’s less pain and heartache. If only my heart would listen…


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