Chapters of Life

Do I go through a lot of phases? Yes. Yes, I do.

Life is full of phases. The baby phase, the overenthusiastic, energetic kid phase, the curious teen phase, the confused young adult phase and so on.. I have passed each of those stages and gotten to the somewhat confused young adult phase.

In my 28 years of life spent on this earth, I have had many many chapters. I wish some phases never occurred in the first place. The seemingly “bad” phases that we all go through in life. These bad phases are laid through the most difficult roads but you have to walk through them anyway. On the other hand, if I could, I would willingly repeat some of the “best” phases which were laid through the most wonderful paths. If we are lucky, the best phases in our lives would outrun the number of bad phases. Regardless of how good or bad a chapter is, we must go through these cycles of life to grow better as a person.

One chapter ends, another begins. That’s what life is all about; constant change.

Among all of the chapters or phases, which phase would be my favourite? Is it the first time that I fell in love with a guy? Is it the time that I was studying in the college? Is it when I started building my career? I don’t think I have an answer for now. Maybe the best phase in life has never happened for me yet.

Do you have a favourite phase in life? Let me know in the comments below!

In response to the daily prompt today: Phase


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