A little bit of Sunshine, please.

I cannot write about “something flourish” right now.  The nation is weeping right now. The flourishing, the growing has been slowed down by the torrential rain. The awful weather, which is very unusual, has displaced more than 200,000 people and the landslides have resulted in deaths. People are fleeing from their own houses because they have been advised to evacuate and move to a safer place. I cannot imagine the frustration these innocent people might be experiencing. Although, I am writing this post safely from my house, thousands of people in my own community are not safe. I cannot talk about “something flourishing” right now. I apologize my post today isn’t as exciting or entertaining as other days.

The victims of the heavy flooding are escorted to the nearest temples and public schools. The places that are affected by the floods are having power cuts to ensure no more lives are being taken by this natural disaster. The students are displaced. My students are affected by the heavy flooding and are unable to carry on their normal lives. The teachers are displaced. The whole country is basically shocked and stunned by the floods.

Every person who is capable of helping the victims have been actively volunteering and providing flood relief to the affected families. The volunteer programs, relief organizations have been supporting the victims and refugees. I hope they continuously stand by and help each other.

The nation is not flourishing right now. It’s seeking sympathy from mother nature and I hope she listens to us soon.

In response to the daily prompt today: flourish


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