Currently | May Edition

May 2016

April have come and gone in a flash. Endless celebrations, family and work related events! Sinhala and Tamil New Year, Avrudu sports with my students, class presentations… It was the month! Overall, though, the highlight of April has to be my April vacation which I spent traveling in Kataragama and Nuwara Eliya. Look at the beautiful picture above which was taken at Nuwara Eliya. How beautiful is that?!

My days can be absolutely hectic or boring. Consequently, my months can be either eventful or completely dull. April was simply busy and memorable. I am happy I could end it on a good note.

So far, May has been an okay month. Here’s how May is going for me.

Making | Vesak Lanterns. This year Vesak Poya Day (Read more about it on here.) falls on the last weekend of May so there’s enough time to make a few Vesak Lanterns and decorate them with paper streamers. And, I cannot wait to see the Vesak Celebrations in Colombo with my friends. One thing I love about Sri Lanka is there’s different festival each month because of the religious and cultural diversity.

Doing | Exams this Saturday. I like to think of exams as a challenge no matter how familiar I am with the subject or not. Since this is an English exam, I am not panicking and driving myself into a hysteria. I know I can manage it–without failing. I just want to take the exam and come home so I can have a relaxing Sunday. Priorities, fellas.. Priorities.

Reading| English books and articles to gather enough materials for my exam. I have been reading my course book for the most part. Luckily, the book is full of images and different types of texts like articles, blog entries so the book is really engaging and not as boring as most course books.

Loving | My niece #no1! She doesn’t have a name yet. As soon as she does, I promise I will introduce her to my virtual blogging family. I can’t wait to see her this weekend! Right after a few hours she was born, I held her and it was the most amazing feeling ever! I already have a nephew of 3 years, but this time it was a girl so it was like, “Oh! I get to dress her up and give cute presents!”, kinda lovely feeling. You know? Doesn’t mean that I love my nephew any less though.

Looking Forward to| This weekend. I can’t wait to finish my exam so I can watch movies without feeling guilty. And, I get to hold my niece again this weekend so that’s even more exciting!

Also, my best friend is in Sri Lanka for 3 weeks and I am looking forward to meet up with her before she leaves for UK again.

Watching | If I am sitting in front of TV, I am either watching Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Gotham or Game of Thrones. No questions asked.

Plotting | My brother’s 21st birthday party! It seems like every time I am writing a Currently post, I always have a birthday to plan for. Anyway, my brother’s birthday is on the 8th of June,  but I have to make sure every little thing is taken care of in advance so there’s a lot of planning to do ahead in time. I’ve already figured out the theme so that’s one thing down.. Even planning is so exciting and you guys already know how much I love planning!

Listening to | I’m not a Bieber fan. But, I’ve been listening to “Sorry” by Justin Bieber lately. I like the catchy beat it has. There’s nothing more to it.

What I would rather talk about is the Hindi tracks (some are the latest on Bollywood charts) that I’m playing on repeat. The voices are soothing, the music is relaxing and lovely. The lyrics as well hold a meaning. Every word in these songs are lyrical and meaningful. These songs really warm my heart. Check them out and, if not for music, you will at least like the videos. Other tracks of these movies, too, are overall lovely.

Track – Mast Magan  | Movie – 2 States. 

Track – Sab Tera | Movie – Baaghi

Track – Bolna | Movie – Kapoor & Sons

Track – Main Hoon Hero Tera | Salman Khan – Hero

Track – Rehnuma Movie – Rocky Handsome


So that’s how my May is going. Filled with a touch of excitement. How is yours?

Randi xo


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