5 Simple Ways to Stay Hopeful in Difficult Times

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Am I hopeless or hopeful? Just like you, I’ve been hopeless at times when life was a little rough. But, sooner or later, I pat myself in the head and move on. If you think positively, life will always respond in your favour.

After my very first break-up, I was hopeless and in despair. I was 20 at the time and I thought my life was over when it was simply the beginning of a long journey. Getting through the day was dreadful and even the good things suddenly seemed bitter and awful. Life did not end there for me. It wouldn’t be for you either until you stop breathing. No matter how difficult your situation is now, life goes on and you have to be strong enough to proceed forward with it. When we are miserable and battling those hard battles, staying hopeful isn’t the easiest thing to do. But, it’s the best weapon to fight with.

When your hopes are starting to fade and your dreams are collapsing, stop for a minute and change your approach before you go any further. Your can’t walk in complete darkness. Let the sun shine through and help you see the road ahead clearly. Here are 5 simple ways that I follow to stay positive and hopeful for a better tomorrow.

Think Positive Thoughts

When we are losing our happiness in small ways, sorrow and anger start to fill our minds with negativity. Our minds are also clouded and we make irrational choices instead of finding ways to improve the situation. That’s why you must think and practice positive thoughts daily.

You won’t achieve a positive mindset overnight. Let yourself get there slowly. You won’t wake up happily the next day after a tragedy. Would you? When Tsunami hit Sri Lanka in 2004, thousands of people lost their lives, families and houses. Everything including their dreams were destroyed in a split second. It took years to build the damaged cities and to restore the poor souls with enough hopes to live for another day. It is a continuous process to be positive and hopeful. Every single day, you must wake up and think of positive thoughts. Nurture positivity daily and avoid negative thoughts. Positive ideas inspire you to rise up to a challenge. And be prepared, life will always give you more challenges than you would like.

Love and Support Yourself

In life’s battles, we are our biggest enemy–and the only real friend as well. If we always keep telling ourselves we are a failure, we are only paving the path to a miserable life. If we build our self-confidence by supporting ourselves in those difficult times instead of being unfairly negative and critical, we will soon find happiness. Whenever I feel low about myself, I remind myself of the good things I have achieved and how far I have come in life. Even the smaller achievement matters. No step you take is ever insignificant. Don’t be quick enough to blame yourself and give up. Love and support yourself through the journey. Hope is just around the corner.

Have Faith

From my experiences, having faith immensely helps me not to lose my hope. You must believe that things will work out in the end and that life will get better. When life gets extremely difficult, I learn to trust myself and have faith. I am a Buddhist by religion so I let go of the things that I cannot control or change and find peace by doing so. Having faith is essential in difficult times as it helps us to find the energy that we need to tackle the situation. It helps us stay motivated and focused and prevent us from permanently dwelling in misery.

Be Around Supportive People

As much as you try to keep the candle of your hope from burning out, sometimes you may need another hand to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Similarly, if some one is only deepening  your sorrows and never offering their shoulder to find the comfort you need, you have the right to leave out those people from being involved in your life. They are not the best people to walk along with while we are on this journey of life. Be around the family and friends who always encourage you and strengthen your attitude toward life. Cherish them. Spend your time with them. You will soon find hope.

Help Others

When you are hopeless, you start to think of that “I’m useless” crap. I sure have fallen into that pit many times. You are not useless. This universe needs you. Help someone in some way and you will instantly feel a little confident and cheerful. Confidence go a long way and that little confidence will help you look at your life more positively.

Helping others also takes your attention away from your problems temporarily. When you are helpful, you are forced to think of others and, as a result, your own difficult situation won’t look as bad as it would otherwise. Often, the situations are worse because we tend to give it too much attention. By offering our hand to another person who is in a much more difficult situation than yours will make you stronger, better and hopeful. By helping another person you will realize that you are capable of doing great things in life and making a difference.

Next time life throws you that nasty rotten lemon at you,.. no, don’t go make lemonades with it. Don’t whine and complain or cry about it either. Take the damn lemon and throw it back. Remind yourself of these simple ways to stay strong and positive. Keep fighting until your situation improves and never give up your hopes.

How do you stay hopeful and strong in difficult times? Please share your thoughts with others below.

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