My Idyllic Holiday

It’s back to work week.

Even though I returned from my 6 days trip (Post coming up soon. Still working on some pictures) last Sunday and started working on last Monday, it didn’t seem real. Now after two weeks, my routine is back to normal and it’s beginning to feel real. No more hopping on the vehicle and road tripping. Until my next holiday, no more wandering through cities and places I haven’t seen before.

I truly love what I do but every now and then I prefer to take some time off to unwind, travel and explore as much as I can. Nothing excites me as traveling to new places and learning about different cities and cultures. If money wasn’t an issue, I would travel around the world like a free bird.

I cannot wait to plan the next big holiday which isn’t till next August. Meanwhile, until my post-holiday blues from the latest trip to Nuwara Eliya wear off, I am going to write about my dream holiday. Ahh, dreaming, indeed!


Ever since I started learning about other countries and began to love traveling, I’ve always wanted to go to Europe. Europe sounds like a dream itself. Whenever I see beautiful European cities in movies and pictures, I instantly wish I lived there.

I was blessed to have the wonderful opportunity to study in America. Every time I was flying in and out of America, my desire to visit as many countries and cities as possible was fueled more and more. The views from up above amazes me and the feelings of excitement and happiness are indescribable in words. While I was lucky to see most of America, I have never had the chance to visit Europe once.

I would love to visit all of Europe (if that was possible!), but on the top of my Dream Destination list ranks one of the most magnificent European countries, Greece. My dream holiday would be to explore Greece one day. To wander through the cities in Greece and to learn as much as I could about the beautiful country would be the best holiday ever!

While my college years were spent in America, tumblr_n8n0gaOgh11qb0bzxo1_500I’ve spent most of my life living in Asia. Asian cuisine, culture, languages, cities, people and lifestyle is a magnificent adventure on its own. As Europe is a dream come true for a foreigner like me, Asia is an exciting adventure for the people of the other side of the world.

Traveling to Greece and roaming through picturesque Greece cities with that idyllic
European touch would be a dream come true for me. The Greece beaches and dreamlike atmosphere seems surreal in pictures. To experience all that in real life? Ahhh, that would be once in a lifetime opportunity! From what I’ve seen in pictures and heard from people, Greece is one of the most exciting places in Europe to explore. Well, once I have saved up enough money for the entire trip, I will be writing to you guys 30000 feet in the air on a plane to Greece.

What’s your idyllic holiday destination?


11 thoughts on “My Idyllic Holiday

  1. Where would I go? That’s a great question.. Like you, the more I learn about other countries and cultures, the more I want to travel.
    I think today my idyllic destination would be South Korea. There’s something about the people and their food that captivates me. I would have to learn some Korean before going, though.


    1. South Korea sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I know a few South Koreans and they are truly friendly. If you get the chance to visit South Korea, (And I really hope you do!) I’m sure you’d have a great time during your stay! 🙂 Only if we could visit every dream destination we love! Right?

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  2. Sorry, everyone, but I actually do live in Greece! On a yacht! We’ve been to 42 Greek islands so far, and lots of mainland too. We are back in the UK for a visit to friends and family, but returning in a couple of weeks. I love taking photos and it’s so easy in Greece as the light is so fantastic. I really hope you get to visit Greece someday.


    1. Wow! What a life! I envy you! That’s a dream to live on a yacht and travel to beautiful places. I could do that! Well, I hope you guys have a good time with your family and friends and hopefully, you will continue to have many more adventures in the future! 🙂

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      1. Thank you for the follow. We are in the UK at the moment, but returning to the yacht in Greece in a few weeks. Hopefully my blog will then be more travel related, showing what it’s like to live aboard and the places we visit.


      2. You’re welcome! I’m hoping to see more and more beautiful pictures of your adventures! Hopefully, I, too, can save enough money to buy a yacht. Then I can retire and have an adventure of my own like you! 🙂


  3. Greece is the thing.
    Although I have visited a few islands already (never the main land) it is still a country that I would love to explore more.
    P.s. By boat if possible :p


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