Should You Ever Love Someone Fearlessly?

Out of all the emotions known to mankind, fear, perhaps, is the most powerful emotion we ever experience. We are born with fears and, throughout life we try to overcome our fears in so many ways.

Every one of us fears something in life. Finding out who we are and what our fears are can help us become better and stronger people who are driven for the adventures of life. Facing our fears is the only way to overcome them. Some of us go bungee jumping and some dive into the ocean from great heights to overcome their fears.

But, the most fearless way to live is to open your heart to another person and let love grow.

It, however, is the one thing that I fear the most. Hear me out.


One thing I fear the most is handing out my heart to a person who wouldn’t be so gentle with it. It scares me to think that I could get my heart broken in an instant by another human being. The minute I fall in love with a person, that person could tear my world apart and walk away like nothing happened.

You must be thinking, oh how cynical? No, I, too, have loved fearlessly. I know what it is to love someone without holding anything back. It’s the most fearless thing one can ever do. To love is to be fearless. To open your heart to another person is to trust a situation where you could end up with nothing—or everything. To love is to take a risk; if it fails, you are left with heartache and tiny pieces of a broken heart. But, what if you win? You would feel as if you’ve won the world.

Love is an absolute risk. But, the right kind of love, is always worth taking a risk for.

I’ve been fearless in that case, not many times, but enough times. I’ve knowingly taken a risk putting my heart at stake. I’ve loved unconditionally. In love, I give my all or I give nothing. If I am in love with a person, I do whatever it takes to keep that person happy and I’ve also learned not to lose my happiness in the process.  My heart has been broken by the people I thought would never hurt me. Has it stopped me from loving? Absolutely not. I’m not cynical about love. Neither do I go on romanticizing love on a daily basis. I’ve known love, I’ve given love. I’ve been in love enough times to know the love that I deserve. To love is to be fearless, yes, but sometimes you have to be cautious about it or else, you would burn your soul alive. Buddha said that attachment/desire is the cause to all suffering. How true?

Sometimes, when we love too much, we might end up hurting too much. Regardless what I have experienced or learned, if tomorrow I fall in love with another human being, I’m going to give my all and love fearlessly. It wouldn’t matter if it’s too risky, I’d always take that risk for a person I love unconditionally. Nothing would stop me.

So should you love someone fearlessly? Absolutely yes. But, only if you know in your heart that it’s the right person,then take that risk. But, first of all, learn to love yourself fearlessly so you would never end up losing yourself in the process.


Written in response to today’s daily prompt: Fearless


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