Is The World Peace Only a Dream?


The world is desperately in need of compassion and love. None of us like to wake up and see bloodshed and see how ugly the world is. I’m sure most of us want to wake up to a peaceful world where everyone is respected and loved and each nation lives in harmony with one another. I don’t think those people who were traveling in and out of Brussels were ever thinking of leaving the world this way. Their lives were snatched by their own counterparts. For what?!

I don’t agree with terrorism. I don’t agree with the wars. I don’t agree with killing. I have lived in fear and been terrorized enough to know the real value of peace. Each Sri Lankan knows the pain, the wounds, the fear of violence. The face of terrorism would scare you in your sleep and snatch your peace. Sri Lanka has seen and been brutally wounded from the bloody war that terrified innocent people for three decades. Finally the nation defeated terrorism and ended the war but the wounds will take a lifetime to heal. The human lives lost in the war cannot be brought back into life–here or in Brussels or anywhere else in the world.

The corruptions, the bombings, the terrifying attacks and media outrage, these has to stop. We need to create peace among each community so that our future generations wouldn’t have to live in fear. We need to protect lives of the innocent and ensure the safety of each human being anywhere in the world. We’ve suffered enough. The world has seen enough. This madness needs to be stopped. It’s time we stand up for violence and  establish world peace.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the community of Brussels and everywhere else where peace is needed. Stay Strong.


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