Currently | March Edition

Currently, March 2016
Currently, March 2016

Working on: Term endings are the busiest days of a teacher’s schedule. We are having the first term tests in schools these days and have to hand out the report cards on April 8th. My bed and table is full of papers and answer sheets of students. I’m working on the final grading of students’ papers these days which keeps me occupied throughout my evenings.

Thinking About: Dying my hair to this color! When I was 20, Shenae, one of my college friends from the Bahamas, dyed my hair to a dark red brown color using a Walmart hair dye box. It was a fun experience and a funny experiment. I haven’t dyed my hair since then. Although, I like having my hair black, I do still want to try a new color on my hair. Maybe I’ve reached one of those phases in life of wanting a change.. Hmmm. Any color suggestions are more than welcome.

Reading: Jackie Kay – Why Don’t you Stop TalkingbookI love reading short stories. A collection of short stories is golden! My sister gifted this book on the 4th of March for my 28th birthday and I’ve not been able to read much since I’ve been working a lot lately. But, I’ve managed to sneak in some pages which I’m moving through very slowly. I can’t really explain how I feel about this book as I still haven’t even read through the first chapter yet. Although, from what I have read so far, I’ve felt that this book is definitely worthy of a review. Hopefully, my schedule for the next few weeks will allow me some free time to read the whole book.

Listening to: This!! Everything about this song is so touching. The lyrics, the voice, the melody.. It can hit you all at once and bring and remind you of all those good and bad memories of someone special. And every time I hear this song, it reminds me of the love story of the best Sitcom couple, Ross and Rachel. So many feels in one song!

Watching: Watching TV on a regular basis is not my thing. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy good entertainment. Whenever I have some free time to spare, I indulge in good documentaries, travel and food programs, TV shows and movies. Suits and Criminal Minds are two of my favourite recent picks for TV shows. “Suits” is definitely a thrilling show to watch and I love the cast of “Criminal Minds”. If you know me well, you’d know how much I love watching movies or shows about solving crimes and conducting crime investigations. Talk about excellent thrillers!

Planning For: Next Sunday is my sister’s 24th birthday. Unfortunately, since she might be reading this, I can’t reveal much detail!

Looking Forward to: The holidays! These two weeks need to fly. I am so pumped up for April holidays. I get to travel out of the city and enjoy some sight-seeing for four days. Then I’d still have another week left to travel some more. I am too excited. Am I the only one who feels like planning a trip is just as exciting as traveling to the place itself?

Craving: Cupcakes!!! Sundae-CupcakeNeed I say more about how sweet-toothed I am? I had actually planned to make lava cakes today because I’ve been craving some mini cakes. But since I’ve been working a lot lately, I honestly wanted to have a lazy Sunday today and do nothing! Mission accomplished but my cravings remain to be fulfilled


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