The Last Fight

In response to the daily writing prompt today: Fight


Her poor soul was misled to believe

that she,

The most incredible thing

Next to the sun and the moon,

Was not good enough.

Draining her hopes,

Killing her innocence

The destructive society

always disturbed her.

“Not bold enough”

“Not pretty enough”

“Not smart enough”

She was always told.

The screaming voices

Inside her soul

Robbed her inner peace,

And wrecked her young dreams.

She found herself

Constantly fighting, struggling

with the demons  that lived

inside her dark dismal soul.

She didn’t want to fight anymore.

 “Not strong enough”,

she wrote on her suicide note.


According to the statistics, on average, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world. Every 40 seconds! Let that sink in.Global suicide rates have increased 60% in the past 45 years.

Among these lives–that could be saved–are young girls, women, teenage girls who are told every single day that they are not good enough. The community that are supposed to protect young lives, is injecting poison into these young minds.

This is for those girls ; the ones who already stopped fighting and who are thinking of quitting. No. You are worthy more than you would ever realize. This life ; it’s yours. Let no one take away the opportunity of living from you. I know it gets rough and the toughest people even crumble down. Keep your head up high and find comfort in the people who love you, support you and guide you. Talk to them. Talk to someone who cares. There is always someone who cares, trust me. Let the one’s who are against you see how strong you are. No quitting. You are going to fight. And you are going to win. Show them just that. Keep breathing. One day at a time.



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