Drops of Happiness


How timely today’s daily prompt is!

We have not had a single drop of rain for the past few weeks and, now it’s drizzling outside as I write. Few minuets ago, rain was pouring down, but now it’s only a light rain of tiny raindrops.  My room is chilled and full of the scent of the rain. I wish I could show you how lovely the night really is. tumblr_mv4rqbUrQs1s9fj34o1_500

The rain on roof is always soothing. Whenever it rains outside, I always find myself listening to it and getting lost in the sound. Rain, one of the many things that make me happy, brings peace to mind and relaxes my mind and keeps my ever running thoughts in one place.

Rainy days are so cozy and perfect for grabbing some hot chocolate and read a book or have some alone time. Why not take a romantic walk or cuddle up and take a nap with your partner?

Rain at night or evening is even more relaxing. Falling asleep to the sound of the rain is a joy only some people would experience which others are unable to enjoy.  tumblr_nmyl127uha1ut0x2so1_1280

The after smell of the rain is also refreshing. It always enliven the whole atmosphere, leaving you feel rejuvenated. Those tiny little drops of water can soothe any wearisome living being on earth.  What not to love about rain?

Time for me to stop writing and let the sound of the rain take over my night. I must enjoy the rain–before it stops.

In drops or heavy fall, do you love the soothing sound of rain?


In response to today’s daily prompt: Drop 




10 thoughts on “Drops of Happiness

      1. You’re welcome! Learning the word is one thing and pronouncing them is another. I’m sure we could find ways to learn the right pronunciation. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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