The Deadly Sin


People who envy others are never truly happy. They always want what others have. The wanting, the craving, the desire to own everything that they don’t have…. It never ends, never stops.

Jealousy is not in my nature. I don’t say that to sound like a saint. I am an imperfect human like every one else. But, I can assure you that jealousy isn’t one of my bad traits. Which bad traits do I have? Now, that’s for another post. how-to-deal-with-envy-4-728

I don’t distress when others get what they want. It makes me happy to see people getting what they want in life. Some people work really hard to achieve success. I am happy for them. Some people work long endless shifts to buy that dream house, a boat–or maybe a new car.  Hey, I am happy for you! Keep going!

If you distress over what others have, you won’t have enough time to enjoy the blessings you’re given in life. Keep it simple.

I don’t ever resent anyone over their possessions or qualities. Resenting people for their possessions is one of the worst thing that you could do to your self. The resentment, poisonous and deadliest of all sins, will kill you slowly. You wouldn’t even know. It does nothing but destroy your own life little by little.

Today, on the Humans of Bombay page,  there was a lovely post about this Indian man who doesn’t have wealth and has a simple life. In his own words, he said how that simplicity makes him happy.

I am happy with what I have. Life has given me good things and bad things. I enjoy both. Good things help me stay positive. Bad things help me learn lessons in life which I need in order to grow. I don’t think the person who has the most priciest possessions or wealth could possibly sleep peacefully. Having materials in possession isn’t really my goal in life. As a Buddhist, I believe the less is better. If I come across something necessary to have, I will work hard for it. But I won’t envy others for having it. After all, materials are only temporary. Being envious toward people for their materials is only going to take away your peace of mind. Why lose our peace? Isn’t THAT the most precious thing to have, to own?

In response to today’s prompt: Envy



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