Lights Out

6-Night lights on in Colombo

What an exhausting  week?! Making, typing, editing, proofreading papers for exams and printing them! And, now that’s done and the students have taken the exam, the papers are piled up on my desk to be graded–generously.

After my birthday on the 4th, last week flew by and I was eagerly waiting for my only relief–a wonderful Sunday. I had anticipated this week’s Sunday to be both productive and relaxing. I had planned to write away (it’s my way of relaxing) and take some pictures for my blog. I wanted to read the book my sister gave me on my birthday last week. My friend was coming over in the evening to watch the new KungFu Panda movie with my sister and I.

It was supposed to be a calm day.

Alas! My Sunday was ruined due to the island-wide power failure that lasted for 7 hours. It was the worst power outage in Sri Lanka after 20 years. No water. No power. FoColombo_at_nightr 7 hours. To make matters even worse, the weather in Colombo yesterday was around 28C (82F) with 81% humidity! Every one was miserable and outraged. But, it was amusing to read the statuses and see the people’s reaction to the island-wide power outage on Social Media. (On Twitter, a few people had tweeted using the #PowerCutLk)

I was hoping to get most of my tasks done on Sunday so I can plan my week ahead in advance and get a jump start. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get most of the important tasks done, as the power outage lasted until 7.30 or 8pm. The whole Sunday was nothing but a big disappointment. I couldn’t read and I couldn’t write (I mean type) a thing since there was no electricity. My phone didn’t last long right after the power went out and I might have cursed out a few times in anger. Sorry not sorry.

The only good thing about my Sunday was the evening that I spent playing UNO with my sister and another close friend. Since the lights were out, we lit some candles and played UNO till the power was restored. We could not watch the movie as we planned.

Well, now I hear the power cuts are going to be intermittent for the next few days. Apparently, a power plant has malfunctioned and another sub-station, too, has a fault.

Just like other 20 million Sri Lankan people, I am not one bit happy about this situation. If the power supply went out of action tomorrow just like yesterday and today, I will be sitting in a room full of darkness, with a dying phone and an annoyed face.


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