Too Fleeting to Catch

Images flowed behind her eyelids, most too fleeting to catch.

After the terrible accident, she was in a coma for four months and came out of it as a new human being. No one knew where she came from or who she was. On the unmade hospital bed, she passed each day in bewilderment as if half of her life was gone by without ever experiencing. Could this fleeting images resolve the uncertainty of her undisclosed past?

That random train of unknown memories were here again today–so brief. But, these odd memories, if, indeed, they be memories, it all seemed surreal like a part of a nightmare to her. Could they have been real? She dismissed the mere thought. Every time the momentary images of her being locked up behind bars in a small dark cell flashed right in front of her, she shook with fear.

Was she a criminal?  Was she a woman with a regretful past? She, herself, couldn’t seem to answer the question.

In response to today’s daily prompt: Fleeting


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