On-The-Go Essentials

In response to today’s daily prompt is: Object


Aaaagh! Another one-word prompt! Confusing and demanding! Object as in a materialistic thing that can be touched or seen? Or Object as in disagreeing with someone’s opinion?

I sure sound like a bad writer today. To make this post at least a little bit of fun and exciting, I’ll write about the objects that I can’t leave home without!


I CANNOT leave home without my wrist watch. Since I was a kid, I’ve been very punctual and have always had the habit of wearing a watch when I am outside. Wherever I go, I always make sure I am on time–or maybe even earlier. At work, I check my watch thousands of times. My classes have a schedule and time management in each class is crucial. Punctuality is a great quality of professional people and, as a teacher, I can’t expect my students to respect punctuality if I don’t follow it in the first place. Regardless of where I go, I’ve to wear my watch to feel complete and ready for the day.


I loooove cute notebooks with pretty decors and covers! They are so precious. Aren’t they? While I have a couple of notebooks and journals for different purposes, I only carry one to work and to other places. Most of my journals and notebooks are a bit heavy to carry around so I keep a small notebook which I love to take anywhere with me. It is very light-weight and compact. So my ideas, thoughts and important details are always written somewhere and not completely forgotten. Whenever I travel, my notebook travels along with me. That’s right. We are a team!

My wrist watch, notebook, make-up pouch, phone and wallet.


My Make-up kit

First of all, I am not a beauty guru nor I am obsessed with make-up. Heck, I am 28 and I can’t still draw a straight wing liner! Nonetheless, I do like to use a light make-up before I head out so I look at least a little presentable. 😀 So, I always make sure I carry a small pouch of make-up tools just in case. A lip balm, a moisturizer, lipstick, a couple of mini make-up brushes, eye liner, concealer and mascara and I’m good to go!


Obviously. Who leaves their houses without their cellphone nowadays? I always carry my headphones with me as well as my phone so I can easily listen to some music on the go to keep me energized. Unless I am going to a shop nearby or a place within 5 minutes, I will always make sure my phone is with me. My schedule is on it, my to-do lists, notes, memos are on it. I can check my mails on the go and keep track of my day-to-day tasks. It’s practically my assistant!


My wallet holds all my ID cards and cash so without it, I’d basically be a nomad. I don’t think I’m the only one who can’t leave their houses without their wallet.

It is said that ladies’ handbags contain of all kinds of crap in the world. Mine is no exception. But, these are the 4 most important objects that I cannot leave my house without. Depending on the lifestyle, every one of us must have certain items with us when we are out and about. So what objects you always have to have before you head out for the day? Please share!


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