Sentimental, Yet Sensible

Today’s daily prompt is: Sentimental

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


I am sentimental. All the time? Oh, no.

At times? Of course.

Certain things in life does give me those nostalgic feelings. Good times with friends, old memories, photos taken years ago, family trips, childhood events, unforgettable moments happened in the past and, once in a while an inspirational movie might also move me to tears. For instance, one of the greatest movies  in British Cinema, Sense and Sensibility, always brings out the sentimental girl in me.

I’ve never experienced getting weak in the knees kind of sentimental feelings towards anyone or anything, yet. Being completely sentimental means you could easily be influenced by your temporary emotions and are unable to make rational choices. I am not sentimental to that extreme. I might miss a person who I met in the past and no longer speak to, but that nostalgic feeling wouldn’t last long. It wouldn’t make me act irrationally. Being sentimental is a momentary thing; a temporary feeling. You should be sensible about it and not be driven by the sudden flood of emotional feelings to make choices that you may regret later.


However, being sentimental toward a person or a certain thing isn’t something to be ashamed of. It makes you a soft-hearted person. As long as you’re rational about your sentimental attachments, you have nothing to apologize for.

I am rather one of those people you would call a hoarder of memories. I collect memories and hold on to them dearly. If a certain place or a day has touched my heart, I will keep every single thing related to that day. It’s a form of attachment and, I want to record them so they are never forgotten. Movie stubs, tickets, special notes and wonderful photographs take over my journal on those special days. A piece of paper like a movie stub or a ticket may not be of any value to another person. But if they are a reminder of an special moment happened in my life, I can never throw them away. Those memories and moments hold a sentimental value to me. Whenever I want to remember a moment or record a memory worth keeping,  I write about even the tiniest of those moments in my journal. Looking back fondly on those memories allows me to relive them in a way.



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