Breaking The Walls That Divide You And Me.

Today’s daily prompt is: Divide

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


Not anymore. The world is no longer divided into two classes; but it’s divided into too many pieces. By us. By you and me.

Look around. Rich and poor, educated and uneducated, beautiful and ugly, black and white.. When are we going to stop this madness? Isn’t our blood the same color? Why do we have this need to classify each of us into various groups? I don’t ever want to be a part of it. But, none of us really have a choice. From the moment we are born, our society divide us into groups and we are taught to believe that we need this division among us to survive.

Caste, race, nationalities.. all of these boundaries set by our own people set us apart from one another. In fact, I live in a society where some families still believe in a system which limits a person from marrying another person based on their caste or religion. How ridiculous? While I don’t agree to this system one bit, I am sadly surrounded by it and the people who actually believe it.

I can’t stop this division alone.

We don’t need rules that divide us; we need to cultivate humanity within us which unite us. Religions, caste, wealth, beauty and other superfluous labeling of humans separate us instead of bringing us closer. Would we not really be able to live without this labels, separations? Will we ever see a world where there’s no need to split the society into parts?

Will you and I be lucky to see a world where everyone living in harmony together is not just a dream but a reality?


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