Today’s daily prompt is: Secret

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


I finally let it  all out. After six long years of holding back and keeping it all concealed, at last, I mustered all the courage I could find and spilled my secret. It was about damn time. I told him how I have kept my feelings hidden for all those years and loved him from afar. I handed the poem I wrote and hastily started walking away without waiting for his response. He didn’t try to stop me, as I had imagined.

Waiting Love

Six years almost gone, but as it seems,
It was yesterday that you left….
Rain falls from the sky, drop by drop
And my love overflows for you everyday…..

My love, I consoled my mind, but I forgot to dream,
I spent my long endless nights,
Talking about you secretly with the stars…
And I wrote your name on the sky under the moon light…

When sun shimmers on these flowers,
I see them dancing with a smile.
I could’ve dance with them too,
If you were here for awhile….

Too many winters and summers are gone,
To find the answers for your whereabouts….
Did you fall for someone else or are you still alone?
I hope you will come back as the same….

The wind tells me nothing…
I wonder if you forgot your way home…
Ask tweeting birds for where I am.
And don’t waste your time while you roam…

© Dhananjani Randika

Disclaimer: I wrote this poem around 2007 or maybe even earlier than that. It was published in the Sunday Observer Magazine, but I don’t remember the exact published date. This was also featured in the Northeast Community College’s (where I was studying at the time) English Department literary magazine ‘VOICES OUT OF NOWHERE’ in 2009. For today’s daily prompt, I thought I’d reuse it with an anecdote.


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