Farewell February!

february, heart, and it image

While I did not accomplish so much in February, it has still been an okay month. As we bid farewell to February, let’s talk about a few good things that happened in my life in the last 28 days that are worthy of talking about. This post will be as short as the month of February itself. I promise.

Independence day of Sri Lanka/ Short break from busy schedule

February 4th is the independence day of Sri Lanka. Usually, I stay home and watch the Independence parade. This year, I had the lovely opportunity to travel away from the city for the day and visit some of my relatives. Getting away from the city always relaxes me because I can enjoy the views of coconut states, paddy fields and beautiful greenery–and take silly pictures!


Mom’s 52nd Birthday

It was a night full of celebration. All of us planned lots of surprises for her and she had no clue! Waking up, she thought we forgot her birthday. Because every year,  we act like as if we forgot her birthday just to see the joyful look in her eyes when we hand her the gifts out of the blue. We made personalized gifts for her this year and ate home-made chocolate cake! My favourite!!

Valentine’s day/ Sunday

You probably assumed that I was going to get all romancy on you. Nooo! Romance isn’t really my territory and, I prefer the comfort of solitude. Valentine day is a just another day to me. I hope I don’t sound like a bitter lady, but I think people go overly crazy for this day and it’s upsetting to see how some people wait for valentines day each year just to receive gestures of affection from their partners on Valentines day.

This year, I spent the Sunday at home in my comfy pj’s and drank coffee. I also spent some time reading which is an absolute must for a relaxing Sunday!

So until next time, good bye, February.





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