Coffee Addiction Level – Professional

According to the Buzzfeed quiz How Addicted to Coffee Are You, I am a professional coffee drinker! So my self confessed addiction is now even more definitive. Thanks, Buzz-feed. This one’s for all the coffee lovers–and haters.

Everyone has some  sort of activities or things they are completely obsessed with that they cannot go a day without. Make-up, cleaning, books, TV series, social media…are supposedly common obsessions of people. Then once in a while we hear about people who are overly obsessed with weird things like drinking blood, ice chewing and wigs (apparently, these are also a thing). Regardless of how common or weird your addictions are, we all have a strong liking for certain things–or people–whether they are good or bad for us. Mine is, of course, coffee.

If you are addicted to coffee like I am, you know how intense you are about your daily cup of coffee. You either love coffee or you despise coffee. There is no compromise. None! You always choose coffee over everything else. You cannot go a day without a cup of cappuccino or maybe a latte. You get excited just thinking about it. A cup of espresso might restore your faith in humanity on a shitty day. The smell of coffee brewing reminds you of all the good things in your mediocre life. You are a proud owner of a mug that says, “but first, coffee.”

Coffee is always a good idea.

You know every best coffee-shop in the town and in the next one and the next one. Basically, you’ve covered most of the shops within a 10 hour drive where you’ll be served with some sort of coffee . Most of your Instagram  images are of Cappuccino or black coffee that you’ve either tried or wish to taste. Needless to say, you follows all the best coffee shops in your area on Instagram devotedly.

Your workers bring you a refreshing cup of coffee while others get a cup of tea. They know it’s official between you and coffee and, no one stands in your way. You keep several different types of coffee at hand so that you never run out of your favourite thing in the world.

Coffee’s like that. If you like it once, then you’re in it forever. It’s your daily fix that helps you remain sane. Coffee can and will take over your life. Like it has taken over mine. I would rather drink a bad cup of coffee than no coffee at all. I don’t feel bad. Buzz-feed concluded that it’s only going to make me stronger. I trust you Buzz-feed.

They say, after tobacco, coffee is the worst poison. Might be true but it’s not going to stop us, caffeine addicts, from drinking it.

Now, if you excuse me, I am going to drink my coffee in peace.


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