The Road Less Traveled

Yesterday’s daily prompt is: The Road Less Traveled

Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision. Write about that other alternate life that could have unfolded.


The interview was tedious. But, I couldn’t just leave in the middle so I kept answering the question after question and loathed myself for applying for a job which I had no interest in. But, sometimes in these tiny moments you accidentally stumble upon answers that you were looking for. And you figure out certain aspects in life which seemed like puzzles to you before.

“Congratulations, you got the job! You can start from next week.”

“Uhh..Thank you. I..I don’t know what to say.”

The interview was easy but, it was monotonous. I met the qualifications they were looking for and, the place, the people were very welcoming.  I was having difficulties in finding a career that I was truly passionate about at that time and the interview was only one attempt of the many. On my way home from the interview I knew that I was never going to set my foot in that office again. They called a week later since I didn’t respond but I politely rejected the offer as it was the right thing to do. I couldn’t settle for a career, for a job that I didn’t want to pursue further.

That was around 4 years ago.

If I accepted the job offer at that time, it would have been a big mistake.  Settling for a career which I wasn’t passionate about would have made me a young miserable lady in crisis by now. The following years after the interview, I was unemployed without a job, and it took me sometime till I slowly figured otwo-roads-diverged-woodut my career which I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. The steps you take sometimes can be dreadful but they are necessary to unfold your path; they help you grow better as a person. I don’t regret going to that interview anymore because if I hadn’t, I would not know that I didn’t want to be a business executive. The alternate life that I could have had as a business executive might have made me richer but my passion for life would have slowly perished by now. I don’t want to think about the alternate life that could have happened because I am certain that it couldn’t have made me happier than I am now. Today, I have a career that I am driven by and, I am inspired to find even more opportunities to help me grow as a better professional in my field. I was born to be a teacher. Any alternate life couldn’t have been better than that.



6 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled

  1. Being a teacher is more than a career. Teaching is passion. Following that passion may lead to a great career and greatness. In my own experience, I change my career because my passion is real estate brokerage and blogging. Someday, your passion make you great!

    Hoping to read more articles from you!


    1. I totally agree. Teaching is more than a career for me. It fulfills the biggest purpose of my life which is leading a meaningful life. I think we must find the career we are passionate about in order to live a more content life rather than settling for a job. I am happy to hear that you’re also following your passion! Stay happy! :).


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