Today’s daily prompt is: Evasive Action

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?


Daily prompt is getting personal day by day.

I normally don’t open up to everyone I meet which means I keep very personal significant matters private as much as possible. My best friend and I are very close so we share even the most intimate details of our lives, the guys we date, things we do but doesn’t want anyone to find out.. Shhhhh! Come on! You know how it goes. Best friends talk about everythinggggg!

The relationship I have with my parents and my siblings are open so we talk about things that matters to us. Each of us in the family knows that we can share anything without being judged or disregarded which is why having an understanding family is so important. But….There are some issues— or secrets—you cannot ever tell your family, specially your parents or another living soul no matter how connected you are with each other.

So, obviously, I am not going to answer the first part of the question today. The secret that I haven’t even shared with my family isn’t going to be shared publicly. No! no! No matter how much I love you daily prompt, you can’t outsmart me! You can’t have my secrets out in the open.

Now, on to the second half of the question. Did the truth ever come out? Nope, it hasn’t. Nobody knows. Hopefully, it will stay the same—unless I come back and answer this question in a few years—which is neverrrr! Ha!

“The best secrets are the most twisted”
Sara Shepard, Twisted





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