Behind the Mask..


“Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.”

― Phaedrus

One of my favorite quotes ever. How true is this huh?

How many times have you failed to maintain a relationship with someone only because of a little misunderstanding between you and them? How many times have you presumed an idea of a person’s character only to find out that they were completely different than the false image of them which you had created in your mind?

I believe the answer is many many times.Naty Chabanenko

The biggest mistake we make as humans, is looking at things and other people and believing what we see from the outside. We apply our presumptions to a person or a situation and believe that we are right about them. But, things or people are never truly what they appear to be.The people  never truly show you the real person they are in the first encounter. In fact, you might never figure out the true characteristics of some people in your life time.

We are unable to see what lies within a person, who they truly are as we keep our heart widely open yet our mind closed. We fail to look in deeper. Because, we are often impressed by what we see externally. We focus on the superficial things like the appearance and the first impression. People can easily fool us by their appearance. Wearing a suit doesn’t make one a gentlemen. That’s why we can’t judge people by what we see. Often times, what we see is just a facade. It takes a period of time to reveal the true-self of an individual.

Sometimes, we make false assumption based on how people act or interact with us. Some people may appear to be nice people but only time can reveal their true characters. In the past, I have believed in a few people who I thought were honorable but then turned out to be dishonest and unworthy of my time and affection. We open up to these people, put our trust in their words and actions only to be hurt in the process. I’m sure we all  have made that mistake. Now that I am a little older, I tend to allow the person to reveal their true identity before I completely believe in them.

If we are smart enough, we might see through people regardless of how well they disguise their true traits. Whatever is hidden will be disclosed in no time if we open up our mind. That is why we should always keep our mind open as well as our heart. We shouldn’t be quick enough to think a person is good or bad without actually getting to know them for quite some time. Don’t let yourself be fooled; for it is never a pleasant experience.masksannoymous

Do keep your heart open and give and receive love freely. Meet people and cultivate new friendships. But don’t be quick enough to judge people or situations. They may never truly be the same as what you presume them to be in your head. What we create in our own mind may not always be true. If you are in doubt, communicate with the person to get clarity instead of stressing out. Allow people to show their true nature before you allow your heart to trust them. Being a human is difficult enough and understanding another human is a daunting task which requires your time and patience. We are all different individuals and unique. Don’t assume things in your head and be disappointed later. Because things can change and people can be different. Remember just because a person or a situation may seem a certain way, don’t mean they truly are. Don’t let the appearance or impression of a person mislead you. Try to see the person behind the mask.

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