To you. To the person I am utterly in love with.


I want to write this down in case we both walk on different paths in few years.and doesn’t speak to each other anymore. (I do pray for our friendship to last forever) I want this to be saved forever because I want to come back and read it over and over again in case we end up on different paths and don’t have each other. I want this day to be saved as a  wonderful memory no matter how things end up down the road.

Today was absolutely perfect. I did not want it to end at all. I wish everyday was a Sunday. Because then I would get to be with you all day everyday. I don’t have an answer for why or how. But I know that from the very first day I liked the presence of you around me. I liked hanging out with you and I looked forward to seeing you for another time. You are funny, sarcastic and real. I don’t click with people that easily and especially I don’t easily feel special toward a guy. But with you from the very first day, I loved hanging out with you. Each day that I have spent with you has been the best days ever. And becoming friends with you was inevitable. We were meant to cross paths in life and I am so glad that we did. I just hope that life keep creating opportunities for us to remain a part of each other’s lives forever.

I don’t know whether you have a clue or not. But I am completely and utterly in love with you. I look at you and I notice little details that I haven’t noticed before and I fall in love with you more. And I am terrified that some other girl might too. You are my friend. You see me as your friend. that’s what we are. And I do not want to lose you as a friend. So I hide my feelings and tell my heart to love you from afar. And I’m afraid that you will soon end up with someone else and here I am crushing over you like a 16 year old girl.

I want to spend the rest of my Sundays and everyday with you. I want to look at you and be able to tell you that ‘you are perfect and that I love you. I want to make your favorite meals and go on little adventures with you. I want to watch witty movies with you just to hear you laugh. I want to hold your hand and be able to kiss you whenever I want to. I want the endless chats, the walks, cute dates. I want them with you. But instead I settle for the friendship that we have because I’d rather have you as a friend than not having you at all..


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