Fear of Failure

Today’s daily prompt is:


What is the one thing at which you are the most afraid of failing?

Fear is a funny thing. But it is real enough that we must overcome our fears because it stops us from truly living the life that we always dream of living. On our roads to personal growth, fear of failure is the biggest obstruction that we ever encounter. Some people fear of failing grades or  failing at relationships. We repeatedly tell ourselves that we must not fail.

ME? I am not afraid of failing at relationships because we inevitably fail at maintaining some bonds and friendships. Those failures will always be life lessons.

However,  I am most afraid of failing to fulfill my purpose in life.

My purpose  is to lead a meaningful life and help make a positive change in the community. Sounds simple; but it’s not. I want to inspire the kids I teach. Before I depart from this world and life, I want to hand down something meaningful that would help someone to see the life and the world in a more positive way. But it’s hard to focus on fulfilling my purpose when life always throws trivial matters at me. My biggest fear is not being able to make a change in the community and wasting the good life that I am given for nothing.

It is up to each one of us to make life truly  worthwhile , or useless and,  I do not intend on wasting my life not making use of it while I am alive. But… It’s a continuous battle. I wake up and I am given new problems to solve for myself each day before I try to make a change in the community. Also, my path constantly crosses the paths of others who sometimes become a part of my life even for a short while and, these good and bad relationships require all my energy and attention at times.

From time to time, I need to remind myself of the goals and purpose I have in life and it’s hard to stay focused all the time. So, my biggest fear is failing at the attempt of fulfilling my purpose in life.


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