Sweet Sixteen.

Today’s daily prompt is : Only Sixteen

Tell us all about the person you were when you were sixteen. If you haven’t yet hit sixteen, tell us about the person you want to be at sixteen.

Let’s go back to 2004, the year of Tsunami.

I was in Junior Secondary doing my Ordinary Levels (O/L). I can only recall my birthday of the year as a significant personal memory because when I was around sixteen I despised going to school. On many days, I skipped school and stayed home with the common excuse, “I’ll study at home”. Although I didn’t like school, as a person, I was very playful, witty and cheerful just like how I am now after many many years. The reason I didn’t like school was because I didn’t feel like I could relate to any of the boys or girls who were around my age. It felt like the boys and girls were in competition with one another. There were stuck-up wannabes and good-for-nothing guys who bullied others to make them look cool. I had a lovely group of close friends who I spent most of my time with. My best friend made school a memorable and nicer experience for me but for the most part, I hated everyone else and being part of anything. I wasn’t focused on my O/L’s and had bigger dreams. Everybody else wanted to pass the O/L’s and my mind was screaming for other things. During the leisure times, I was always in the school library, looking through books from history to art. Reading developed my senses and understanding; it helped me relate to life and people more easily. The only classes I loved very much in school was English and art.

As for the other things….., I was crushing hard on a boy who I was head over heels for so I cannot really say that was a crush. It was more of a young love but he didn’t even know I existed so..yeah.

The magazines still holds a special place in my heart--and in my bookshelf.
The magazines still hold a special place in my heart–and in my bookshelf.

Reading built my passion for things when I was young. I had a great desire to work with these foreign travel writers who were in Sri Lanka writing articles for a travel magazine. I imagined how extraordinary their lives are and dreamed of going on adventures with these marvelous writers.Their writing fascinated my young mind and inspired me. I still keep their old magazines as a keepsake and read through them when I need some inspiration.  I thoroughly believe that my writing and traveling obsessions developed around the age of sixteen. Those are the only things that appealed to me then. And after 11 years, there’s still nothing that interest me more than writing and exploring. Nothing much has changed. Has it?


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