Happy 61st Birthday, father!


This man right here is the biggest blessing in my life. He is the gift from god, from life given to me. I cannot compare him to any other man walking on this earth for he has loved me so much that I can easily distinguish love from anything else less than that. I know what respect is, what a woman’s dignity is because my father has given all that to my mother freely and me, my sister and my brother grew up looking at how a man should love his woman. There were no excuses, there was always food on the table, the arguments were sorted out, there was patience, the bills were paid—sometimes they weren’t—but the love NEVER stopped. My father taught me the biggest lessons in life. Family is important, relationships matter and should not be taken granted for. He taught me that you should always treat people right, care for them and respect them no matter how they treat you. Your character is defined by your actions and not by their actions, that’s what he taught me.

I have learnt about life and love through him and through his ways of how he treats his family and the people that he loves. He is the best person that I know of. He is hard working but he would always have time for his family. Everything else came second for him. We are his number one priority. In life you only need people who love you unconditionally, care about you and support you no matter what. They will be there for you and never abandon you regardless of the circumstances. They will love you in the morning. They will love you at night. They will be with you when you cry and when you smile. Nothing you say or do will make them stop from loving you. My father saw me succeed and he also saw my failures. He watched me grow and helped me grow to be a better person. The love that I was given from my father is absolutely unconditional, persistent, irreplaceable, and has made me the woman I am today. I am proud and blessed to have him as my father and to be his daughter. I know I am lucky and for that, I am immensely thankful. A part of me that makes me who I am is also what makes my father; I am his resemblance and his love for people around him. Whoever hurts my father also hurt me and if I am getting hurt, then my father is the first person to be heartbroken.

Today, he celebrates his 61st birthday and I don’t wish him happy birthday. Instead, I wish him “Daddy, I wish you strength, good health and happiness for the years to come. My dearest father, I will make sure your every wish is fulfilled and met and I will make you proud. I wish you joy and peace and I will go out of my way to make you happy. I will always love you. Because, you are the light that never goes out; the light that guides me home.”

Then I will wish him happy birthday.


මම වැටෙන සැටි, වැටි වැටී නැගිටින සැටි

බලා සිටියා තුන් තිස්පැයම ඔබ.

අවැසි තැන මා හට අත්වැලක් වී

මගෙ අත කිසිවිටෙක අත් නොහැර ඔබ,

ජීවිතය නම් වේදිකාව මත සදා සෙවනැල්ලක්ම විය මා හට.

ඔබෙන් උගතිමි ජීවිතය මම; ඔබෙන් දුටුවෙමි සැබෑ ආදරය මම.

ආදරණීය පියාණනි, කල්පයක් පාසා ඔබේ දියණියම වි

උපදින්නට නිරන්තරයෙන් පතන්නෙමි මම.

ඔබට සුබ උපන්දිනයක් වේවා!


You watched me fall, you watched me rise.

You always held my hand and never let go.

You helped me stand up on this stage called life.

You are my shadow on this earth.

I learned life from you. I saw the sacred side of love within you.

My loving father, I constantly pray to god

to be your daughter in every life to come.

Happy birthday to you, daddy!


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