2 Ingredients Smoothies under 3 Minutes!


More-fruit-smoothiesRunning late to work everyday because your breakfast takes forever?! Health-conscious and wants to maintain a healthy weight? A delicious healthy smoothie is a great way to kick start the day and will boost your energy while providing you with important protein, vitamins and minerals. For anyone with a busy schedule and less time in the morning to prepare their breakfast, smoothies are a great choice as they take less time to prepare and can be made on the go. Smoothies are my favorite breakfast and snack idea on busy week days and lazy Sundays for all these good reasons!

Try different smoothie recipes and experiment with different fruits to find your favorite flavors! Smoothies usually contain a liquid and fruit(s). For the liquid, you can choose almond milk, low-fat milk or coconut water. For fruits, the choice is limitless! There are so many fruits packed with healthy nutrients so choose according to the availability in your area–and a reasonable price if you’re on a budget. Also, remember to choose low-fat versions of dairy products to limit the saturated fat and calories in your smoothie which helps you to maintain your weight goals. For the add-ons of your smoothie, you can include protein powder, chia seeds, goji berries, flax seeds and spinach according to your preferences.

Here are my 2 most favorite smoothie recipes which takes me under 5 minutes and 2 ingredients to prepare yet keeps me fresh and lively throughout the day!

Banana Smoothie


1 banana (fresh or frozen), sliced

1/2 cup of low-fat yogurt or milk of your choice

2/3 cup of Ice cubes (optional)

Method :

Add bananas, yogurt (or milk) and ice cubes together. Blend for 1 minute until the banana smoothie thickens.

(Per serving: 245 calories)



Avocado Smoothie

images1  cup of avocado, cut into chunks or smashed

1/2 cup of water or low-fat  milk( you can substitute ice cubes as well)

2 tsp of Honey

(Optional) Chia seeds

Method :

Blend avocado, honey and water together. Add more water or milk if the consistency of your smoothie is too thick. Add chia seeds.

( I cup of avocado = 234 calories, 21.5g Fat, 12.4g Carbs and 2g Protein)

Drink up!


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