A Healthier Life. A Healthier You

So I think it’s about time that I share my fitness journey with you guys.


Since I started making a major change in my life about a few months ago to stay fit and healthy, I have adopted many healthy habits. Best decision I’ve ever made. Let me tell you, it feels great and I’m happier than ever. It’s more easier to accept and love my body now. You might have heard this over and over, but, even my skin feels so much better after a few consistent weeks of working out. Having control over what you eat and what you feed your body definitely makes you feel better while working out helps you to get in shape and increases your self-confidence. When you are healthy and active, you are more energetic and less lethargic which also keep you more productive throughout the day. The biggest wealth in the world is health, but to achieve that great wealth, one has to be determined.

Staying fit requires you to be thoroughly aware of your food intake and nutrients. When it comes to food, I am a foodie and I love to indulge in all kinds of food. The only thing that I don’t eat or would turn down is any food that contains beef, pork or meat in general. Since I was 6 or 7 years old, I did not like the taste of meat and since then, I have been avoiding eating meat.

Being an Asian and a Sri Lankan, it’s definitely harder for me to control some unhealthy food that I must  regularly watch out for. I love all kinds of sweets and curries. In Sri Lanka, most of the cooking is done with the help of spices, coconut milk and rice. While the amount of oil depends on the type of cooking and the person’s preferences, sugar and flour are frequently used in day to day cooking ; especially in sweetmeats. All Sri Lankan sweetmeats are very yummy and hard to resist but for a person who’s trying to stay fit and healthy, the tasty-treats may not be the best choice as they contain unhealthy amount of sugar, oil and/or salt. So adapting a healthier lifestyle is not a piece of cake..at least for me. But, over the past few weeks, I have tried to control my urge to eat unhealthy snacks and food and have noticed the difference of eating without any limits vs eating right. I have reduced the intake of sugar and flour while increasing my intake of fresh vegetables and fruits. Staying away from sweetmeats is chaos though!! But, it definitely feels better to eat right and be aware of what I consume on a regular basis. I’m more aware of what’s good for my body and health and what I should avoid or control to stay fit and healthy.

While food is a major part, working out is also essential to stay in good shape. Now this is the hardest part of all, for me. I’ve never loved going to the gym or enjoyed doing exercises. I played gymnastics in grade 6 for about a year and a half and that’s about it. During the Sports meet season in school, when others spent the days practicing for sports in the dusty playground with enthusiasm, I spent the days in library getting lost between the books. A typical me. Joining a gym seems like a nightmare to me. I was too self-conscious about my body and afraid of receiving judgmental looks and frowns of others to join a gym. The only form of exercising I love is, dancing. So, when I made a choice to stay healthy and fit, I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew that it would be difficult for me and that I would want to quit the minute I started. Working out doesn’t necessarily require a strong body; it requires a strong mind. As far as exercise is concerned, I absolutely don’t have a strong mind to begin with. But, I’ve been training my mind and my body to be more strong and reliant and I can see it’s starting to work slowly.

Keeping fit is a continuous process and you have to be dedicated and determined not to give up in the middle. This whole process requires consistency which means there’s no going back. I knew it would be hard for me to adjust to working out every day but, I wanted to give it a try.

I, by no means, believe in losing weight or staying fit to impress others. You shouldn’t go to the gym because your friends do it. You should workout and eat healthy for your own well-being. It should be your sole purpose. The love for yourself and your body begins with your own eyes.

I started working out in April and I stopped working out after a week or so. I had zero motivation and I was too lazy to keep it up. A month passed by. One day, I stumbled upon some videos on YouTube about working out and they nudged my interest in working out again. By that time, I was back to my regular life of eating unhealthy food and wasn’t very active. I started reading about working out more and more and looked for motivation from others. If you ever find yourself in my situation, seeking for motivation to exercise, you can find so many resources—both online and offline—that are so helpful and inspirational to get you started in this journey. With today’s tools, technology and resources, we have so many opportunities that we actually don’t notice and make real use of.  I am ashamed that I didn’t start this process any earlier.

Some of the resources I personally find very helpful are, YouTube videos/fitness channels, Fitness websites of personal trainers and fitness apps! So, if you wish to develop your knowledge and awareness about eating clean or planning to lose weight and stay healthy, begin by researching online first. Knowing how important and beneficial working out is for your body will inspire you to get started. Take one day at a time and remember it’s about the progress no matter how small the initial steps are. Find out what works the best for you and stick with it. Read helpful articles about food and nutrition and how working out is essential to a healthy living overall. Be inspired by other people who are also trying to live a healthy life and share the motivation together which will keep you fueled to work out regularly or at least every other day at first. (Some fitness apps help you stay connected and motivated, in this case) Draw out an initial plan that works for your schedule and work around that. Then, create a workout routine that suits your lifestyle and assign a fixed time for a daily workout if you can. Select your favorite work out steps and include them in your daily routine so that you will not dread exercising at the beginning. I love dancing so I include that in my regular work out schedule to keep me excited and motivated at the same time. Use a notebook to keep track of your nutrient and water intake or document your calorie intake and food intake  on your computer or phone.  tumblr_nr18dh2EtT1tqblrso1_500

Another way to stay motivated is to find a working out/gym buddy. My partner in crime is my sister who is a fitness freak and she keeps me encouraged all the time. She also manages to persuade me when I’m feeling too lazy to exercise which helps me stay consistent with my workout routine. We work out daily and have such a blast together that sweating off doesn’t feel as dreadful anymore as it did to me when I was much younger. I hope to share more of my journey along the way. I will also pass on the knowledge that I gain about eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle with you guys throughout this continuous process. Hopefully, someone out there like me will benefit from it.

My favorite fitness personal is Joanna Soh and she is such a motivation for a lazy ass like me. She is a professional in the field of health and fitness and provides guidance in a very simple way without making everything sound too complicated. I find her YouTube videos simply thorough and extremely helpful for even a beginner. Don’t forget to check her out!

Joanna SohWebsite  /  Facebook  /  Instagram

And, below are the fitness apps that I am currently using. They both are free and runs on both IOS and Android phones.



Health Apps.

Water Your Body – Helps you figure the required water intake for your body and keeps track of your daily water intake.

Plant Nanny – Reminds you to drink your daily required water intake.

(I also follow a lot of people on instagram who helps me stay motivated and inspired with their own fitness journey and stories.) I will share my workout routine and meal planning with you guys on my next post!

How do you stay motivated to workout and what are your favorite fitness apps/resources to stay motivated and inspired? 🙂

Stay happy and healthy!




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