Travel Like a Pro

The Daily Prompt for today is : The Happy Wanderer

What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?

Travel Like a Pro


Do you go out of your way to dig through alluring ads in the traveling section of your local magazines or newspapers or even websites just to find a good destination for your next holiday? Do you spend your lunch and tea breaks at office on reading numerous reviews about that particular place, city or country you are dying to visit? I do. Except, I change my traveling plans the last minute and explore a completely different place than the one I already had planned!

My travel style? I travel like a pro—or not.


Traveling is a joy, a passion, an exciting experience for travel enthusiasts like me. Exploring a historic site, a natural waterfall, a hiking trail or simply a new bar in town is a stress reliever for us, the true travel lovers. But, I often find it hard to stick to a specific travel plan or an itinerary. The unplanned, unexpected trips and unscheduled road trips are like a drug for me—addicting and leave me wanting more. Most of my trips to other cities or places on weekends or holidays are last minute decisions. No booking? No problem. We can call up a hotel on the way. It’s 2015. They must have an updated website at least, right?

I traveled to Chicago on December 2008 for Christmas vacation. Last minute decision! Whose idea? Mine!!!! I went to see elephants in Pinnawala on a holiday. Totally my idea. Again, last minute decision!

I started to like traveling since I was very very young. Even the longest journey didn’t tire or bore me. But, I loathed the part coming back home, to the same city, to the same place. My parents had two vans that could carry all our close relatives and my parents would decide—in the last minute—where they would want to visit and then get all our relatives together, arrange the trip and just drive. Like that. It was all last minute plan and those times are still the most favorite times of my childhood. I strongly believe that my travel genes are especially from my father—also the impulsiveness—and him being in the tourism business also drove me to take an interest in exploring new places. Whenever he drove me around, he would point at special places, roads and land marks and describe the place for me like a tour guide and he still does that. He filled my book shelves with traveling magazines, maps and hotel guides, most of which I still keep safely with me. Thank you, dad!

The thrill of an adventurous experience from visiting a place unscheduled is so precious and can only be understood by impulsive travelers like me. When it comes to traveling, I am absolutely impulsive. I would cancel all my plans on a weekend just to get away no matter how ridiculously far I have to drive, walk or sit through a flight. If I could, I would give up my current job (not that I don’t love my job, but that’s how impulsive I can get) and take a flight to Paris right now. Only I can’t right now as I don’t have enough money stashed away for a lavish tour in Paris. Sigh! Someday…Someday, I would be kissing the Eiffel tower and my boss would be maaaaaad. But who cares? I will be in Paris. Paris!

41I have traveled countless times locally and a few times internationally and I do intend to travel as often as I can whenever possible within this lifetime. The experiences that I learned from traveling to different cities in other countries are the most prized possession I have: the memories, the people I met. Ahh, incredible, I tell you! I don’t need a luxury yacht or a first class ticket to travel like a pro. I have an undying passion for traveling, seeing new places, exploring cities and ruins. I am a vagabond. I am wanderer. I like the idea of a destination. But I love the journey that takes me up to it more no matter how chaotic that might be. Traveling keeps me alive and sane like a nicotine patch. There’s always time on my agenda for a road trip or a quick get away to a coastline that I haven’t stepped to. No itinerary, no plan? Cool, I’m down for that.

Let’s just wander, get lost and find our way back. Meanwhile, we can rest and relax, enjoy sunshine or maybe occasionally be appalled by the spider looking creatures and safely make it home in the end. Who’s with me?


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