Free Attempt.

In response to the Daily Prompt : Too Big To Fail.

Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

If it is guaranteed that I wouldn’t fail, I would definitely try acting. I am such a movie junkie that sometimes I feel like I could act out the charterers better than the actors who are actually playing them in some movies!Jokes apart, I have always been a big fan of movie making business and I think being an actor is a lot of fun. You get to travel, meet new people all the time, act different roles in each movie, VIP entrance to all the cool events around the town and of course, fame and fortune unless you’re a bad actor.

I love theatre and television, but I think if I wanted to try acting, I would like to be in the cinema because I don’t think that I want to be a part of theater performances even if I was actually good at it. II don’t think I’d be able to do well in theater. So, I’d definitely go for a notable character in a movie but the script must be well-written too. I think most great actors are gone unnoticed because of poor scripts. If I am to act in a movie (someday! Someday!), I’d definitely make sure the script is terrific and other characters are given to the right people. Maybe I should write the script myself?! For now, let’s let’s just stick with the acting thing and not get carried away with this prompt.

And, why I haven’t tried acting? To be honest, my dear readers, there is only one explanation and it is simple.

I haven’t tried acting because if I did, I might not fail in this artificial world we are talking about right now, but I will  fail miserably in the real life!



One thought on “Free Attempt.

  1. I dreamed of being a movie star as a kid. Sadly , I’m too shy. Great post. If success was guaranteed, i’d be a rock star.


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