I’m back!

Hello, writers and readers!

I apologize for being absent for few months and not updating the site since last October. What a long time! Is it me or has WordPress changed itself a bit here and there? I guess I’ll figure it all out as I go. The reason I was away for such a long time is (if anyone cares to know that is) mainly because of my college diploma and work. The diploma was of 4 months but it required serious effort and dedicated time. I was very excited about the diploma from the very beginning and it meant a lot to me to be able to successfully complete it at the end of the course. Last week I completed all my exams and am eagerly waiting for the results. Hopefully, the handwork will pay off! With my full-time jobs, I could barely manage to focus on my studies at the end of the day, so that left me with no time for my writing which sucked. But I knew the break was temporary and that I will eventually have my free time to start writing again. And here I am rambling away!

So thank you very much for those of you who have been following me even when I was away. I appreciate your support and patience. 🙂

Now, let’s get those creative juices flowing!




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